Getting Started

The team manager plays an important role on any hockey team.  He or she is the coordinator, communicator, organizer and all-around support for the team.  The most important role is being the liaison between the coaches and the parents and communication is key between all parties. The team manager also helps the coaches with the administrative functions of off ice activities, tournaments and general team needs. This allows the coaches to focus on preparing and running practices and games.  

We understand that taking on this role is a big job, so we hope that by providing you this Getting Started list we'll get you on the right track. 

Getting Started Checklist

1. Schedule a Team Meeting

Work with your coach to pick a time and place to introduce the coach, yourself, the players and parents.  Let the coach discuss expectations and any important details he wants to cover. 

2. Background Check

The Ducks require all team managers to have a background check. These background checks expire every two years, so if you have completed one in the past, verify that your background check is still valid.  Below is the link to the Atlantic District Website with instructions on how to apply for your background check:

Background Check - Screening Process

3. USA Hockey Registration

USA Hockey requires all team managers to register with USA Hockey. The registration is free for all volunteers.

 Click here for USA Hockey Registration

4. SafeSport Training

Program offered by USA Hockey which is training to prevent abuse. 90 minute course that must be completed by all Coaches and Managers on USA Hockey. Click here for link to Training 

5. Contact Information

Board members and trustee contact information can be found on this website under the "Organization" link.

6. Recruit Volunteers

Some team managers spread out responsibilities to other parents on the team.  Possible positions are score keeping, time keeping, Pointstreak, penalty box, etc.

7. Collect Coaches Information

From each coach, collect their CEP#, certification level and USA Hockey number for the current season.  Please email this to our Registrar (contact information is under "Organization / Board of Directors". This is necessary to create your team's roster. 

You can search for USA Hockey #'s here:

You can search for the CEP # here:

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