Official Highlights the Ducks Bantam A American Team for Fantastic Sportsmanship

The below letter from an Official is posted on the DVHL homepage about one of our Duck Teams (U14A American) that played the Cap City Vipers on 1/26/20.

Our player received a minor concussion and will be back playing the game he loves in a few weeks!

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The spirit of USA Hockey is alive and well. Sportsmanship does live and it was exhibited by two teams that I just officiated.

I had the pleasure of officiating a Bantam A game this past Sunday (26 Jan 2020) at Twin Ponds East between Vipers Hockey and the Delaware Ducks. Not only was it a fantastic game but the sportsmanship displayed by the players of both teams towards the other players as well as toward the officials deserves comment. This clearly emanated from the coaching staff as it was obvious in the way they handled their benches and team during the game. This was highlighted when a Ducks player was checked and fell awkwarding into the boards, hitting his head and receiving a concussion. As the head coaches FROM BOTH TEAMS, attended to the player, it was obvious that their sole and primary purpose was not on the game, not on the hit, nor on what the penalty should be called, but was instead focused on the player's safety. Both head coaches helped the player off the ice and to his locker room before returning to their benches.    

When so many coaches at the youth level are focused on winning, I wanted to pass along a kind word on two coaches whose focus has not been lost. It remains on sportsmanship, and teaching these young players life skills on had to conduct oneself during the spirit of competition. The players in turn displayed this same demeanor towards their coaches, the officials and their opponents.   

Please feel free to pass along a kind word of gratitude to the DVHL and /or the Delaware Ducks and Capital City Vipers organizations. 


Robert Goodman